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Depositing money on an online poker site usually requires a credit card, or some sort of prepaid card, but there are some exceptions. Most sites accept major credit companies such as Visa or MasterCard.You should also be aware that some pkv games poker sites are only licensed for certain jurisdictions where you may be able to play on them.

What online poker variations can I play?

There are numerous poker games, but each version has some different elements in betting, bluffing and hand rankings.

The most popular poker game is Texas No-Limit Hold’em, which  Doyle Brunson   has called ” The Cadillac of Poker.”

In No-Limit Hold’em you are only dealt two cards and you try to combine them with the five community cards to make the best possible hand.

Hold’em is simple to learn but difficult to master, making it a great starting point for newcomers to the world of poker.

Online poker tournaments

In a poker tournament you pay the buy-in and get a stack of chips. When you have no more chips then you are out of the tournament, while the eventual winner is the player who collects all the chips.

The pokertournaments  are extremely popular thanks to tours like the World Series of Poker, World Poker Tour and European Poker Tour.

Online poker tournaments are the most economical way to potentially win a big prize. There are several online tournaments with accessible buy-ins (such as the € 10 one) with winners getting something like € 100,000 for first place.

It is easy to find great online tournaments especially during the weekend, which brings many more players to the poker rooms.

What are Sit &Gos?

The Sit &Go  are basically smaller tournaments, sometimes even just a table, that start as soon as enough players are ready to play. Sit &Gos are generally very popular and the number of online players participating is high.Sit &Gos take a lot less time than massive multi-table tournaments, but the rewards are, inevitably, smaller as well.

Cash Games

The cash game, or “ring game” as it is sometimes called, is an even older form of poker where it is played with chips that have real value. Each single chip therefore corresponds to a given cash value. In online poker then you can play as much as you like, for 10 minutes or 10 hours, and when you want to retire you will know exactly how much you won and how much you lost.

Many poker players prefer the flexibility of the cash game over tournaments where you are bound to play depending on the schedule and the number of players.

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